Collection Of Kalmay

First Kalimah

None Worthy Of being worshiped except ALLAH, and Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him) is the Apostle of ALLAH.

Second Kalimah

I bear witness that there is no deity but ALLAH, Who is without partner and I bear witness that Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him) is servant and Apostle.

Third Kalimah

ALLAH is pure and all praise is due to ALLAH and there is no deity but ALLAH, and ALLAH is most great and no one has the strength of virtue and power to remain unexpended from sin, but with ALLAH who is high and venerable.

Fourth Kalimah

There is no deity but ALLAH, who is without partner, He is the owner and all praises are for Him, He grants and spurns lives and lives itself, He is immortal. The whole welfare and benevolence is in His hand and he is the omnipotent.

Fifth Kalimah

O ALLAH! Thee my Lord, there is no deity except thee, thee created me and I am your servant and I am upon your oath and promise till I have strength. I betake myself to thee for those evils which I conducted. I confess for thee for the blessings that are upon me and I confess my sins So forgive me because there is no one who can excuse the sins.

Sixth Kalimah

O ALLAH! I betake myself to you for that, I take any partner with you apprehension, and I ask you for forgiveness for the sin which I don't know. I have repented for my sin and displeased from infidelity and all sins and I accepted Islam and say none worthy of being worship accept ALLAH, Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him) is Apostle of ALLAH.